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By living locally and thinking globally, we eagerly support extension ministries all over the world. Our denominational efforts support national and international disaster relief responses. If you’re passionate about a good cause, let us know. We’re delighted to help people raise money and awareness about good works of all kinds.

First Saturday Lunch
Each first Saturday of the month, we offer a hot, nourishing meal for those who are homeless or needing assistance. Afterwards, those in attendance are invited to play a rousing game of BINGO to win prizes suitable for lives on the streets or in temporary housing. And everyone wins at least once! We'd love to have you join us by bringing in food; or just joining in the fun and fellowship.
Children's Moment


Every Sunday when children are present, Pastor Teri will give a children's moment related to the sermon or lesson of the day. We believe children are a vital part of the church and welcome their presence in worship.

2016 Children's Church Video














Family Folklore Foundation, Inc.

Family Family Folklore Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization (501c3) we have donated our facilities for their projects. The goal of this organization is to create digital time capsules for our surrounding community. By encouraging members of the greater Lake County area to commune with each other, the organizers hope to foster a connection between table fellowship and global stewardship. Recently our church helped them find a home for a historical rendering of the greater NWI region. The interesting tale of this piece of  our local history's journey was featured in The Post-Tribune

Miller Citizens Corporation

The Miller Citizens Corporation (MCC) was founded in the spring of 1971, at a time of crisis for our city and our community. The whole Emerson neighborhood was for sale, as African American families moved in to a formerly white area and the existing residents sold out or just abandoned their homes. Many Miller residents were determined not to replay this scenario in our community. Residents came together here to form a new community organization, which would work to make Miller a desirable neighborhood for the whole spectrum of people who choose to live here. Marquette Park UMC donates space for the MCC meetings and events as we believe firmly in promoting our diverse community.


We aim to support other community members and non-for-profits in aiding in the revitalization and promotion of Miller Beach and Gary, Indiana as a whole.

Gary-Miller Neighborhood Spotlight

We are donating office space to our new Community Builder, Jessie Renslow, who is organizing the Gary- Miller Neighborhood Spotlight program, which is a new place-based initiative for reinvesting in Lake County. Miller has been identified as an area of opportunity by the Legacy Foundation. Check out the Miller Spotlight Blog and Facebook for more info on the project.

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